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    For months we’ve been having issues with this site and adding new users. We’ve not reached the max number, so that’s not the issue.

    Invitations are made to registered users. They get the invite sometimes but often require it to be resent. When they get it, they click “Accept Invitation” but they do not have access to the site and do not show up as an author unless we do this several times over a few days.

    The other related issue is with an accident of setting the user permission to “follower” instead of “author” at the time of invite. They’ve accepted but we can’t find where to switch their user permissions from follower to author. They do not appear on the User list nor does Follower appear on the user roles as featured here: which is confusing. Is there a listing of followers? Are they treated differently? Do we need to send another invite with the user role set to “author?”


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Lorelle, the 30 member limit for private blogs (and the upgrade to add members after that) is gone. There is no member limit now.

    I’m not sure about your second question, but I would guess that there is a delay between the time the invite is accepted until the database catches up. To be completely certain I’ve tagged this thread for Staff reply.

    Followers will show up only in the Site Stats/Followers link, not in your User list, so it is not be possible to change their role from follower to author there. You’d have to resend them an invitation to be an author.

    There have been a number of similar threads in the forums over the last 4-6 months or so. Perhaps one of them can give you more insight. I’ll see if I can dig up some links.



    Jennifer is right on the money about the removal of the user limit and the Follower vs. Author issue that you’re having.

    As for the other issue (accepted invites not being added), are you noticing any trends between these users that fail? For example, are they all users to begin with?



    Also, if it is a private blog, followers you’ve invited to view your site will show up on the Settings>Privacy dashboard under “Users allowed to access site”.

    Still digging.



    Excellent to know that the member limit was lifted. I hope the Followers information in the documentation will be updated so others aren’t confused at this change in user permissions.

    The site is not private though we wanted it to be. We’ve left it open to the public for months but not indexed by search engines because of all the Theme and user invite issues. I wanted to make sure that the right folks could look at it and help us figure out the bugs in P2, login issues, and user permissions.

    We’ve waited several days between invitations and acceptance and they still do not show up in the user list. We’ve done all variations from new users to current users. It happens the most consistently with new user invites, but also happens with current users, just less frequently. If it was consistent, this would be so much easier.

    Let’s see if I can break it down.

    We’ve sent invites to people not registered with which included an invite to join. They joined, they don’t show up on the user list, just in the invite list as “waiting.” We’ve confirmed that they’ve joined and are signed in (they see the admin bar across the top but have no access to the blog.). We send another invite as “author” and they click the invite and they still don’t see the blog on their admin bar and it still said “waiting” on the invite list. Time passes. We keep trying, eventually it works, but we now have people frustrated with WordPress and they haven’t even used it yet.

    We ask people to sign up for and give us their email address that they registered their account with. We send an invite to become an “author” (save for the one boo boo as a follower – we’ll fix that). They click the email to confirm. We wait. Nothing. 24 hours nothing. It still says “waiting” on the invite list. We send again. Sometimes nothing, sometimes it works instantly. If not, we try again. It can take 3-4 tries. Rarely does it work immediately.

    When we first started the site, one of the issues we had was with user names as two of them were pre-beta logins, thus had whack user id numbers or something. I think that was fixed but that should have nothing to do with those admins sending out invites…grasping at anything. :D




    I hope the Followers information in the documentation will be updated so others aren’t confused at this change in user permissions.

    Hm, I though I got all of those. Can you please let me know where you saw that?

    As for the invite issues, that definitely sounds like a problem. I just tried a few tests myself without issue, so I’m wondering if something on their end may be at play here.

    Would you please have the failed ones contact us via ?



    See link in first post.

    I’m one of the failed contacts. So is my husband (we’re standing next to each other as I type this). We’ve used alternative emails. I’ll ask the others. We’re trying a new one now.

    If this was a one time thing, it wouldn’t bother me, but this has been going on for months.



    I understand, and I’m sorry for the frustration. If you would please contact us via from the affected email addresses, we should be able to sort this out.

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