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    I’ve added a new blog post, using the ‘Blog Post Add function’. I’d like this to link to a blog page but am not sure how. When I add ‘Blog’ using the customising menu function, I can’t get the new blog post to appear on this page. How do I do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @anethicalyarn,

    If I correctly understand you want blogs posts to appear on your new Custom menu item “Blog” which you plan to add.

    Here is an option you can do it:

    Provided you already add a Custom Menu item “Blog” to your menu.

    1) You can follow these steps:

    – Go to MySites->Themes->Customize->Static Front Page.
    – On the Left sidebar panel, you would see an option “Posts Page”.
    – In the drop down you would see the “Blog” page option available.
    – Select that and Click on “Save and Publish” at the top.
    – Your posts should appear on the Blog page.
    You can learn more about it here:

    Optional Blog Page

    Hope this helps, please let me know if you need anything else.


    Thanks @pavanraheja. I knew it would be quite simple, just couldn’t figure it out. Thanks for your help.



    Hi again @anethicalyarn,

    You’re most welcome! :)
    I’d be happy to help you with anything else.

    Best Wishes! :)


    Hi again,
    Another (likely related) question. I would like my blog page to be in a grid format (I am using the Dara theme). On all my other pages I can select either the default format or a grid format. However, for the blog page I don’t have a page attributes option, so I can’t select a grid format. Do you know if this is possible to do on the blog page?




    Only pages can have templates applied, like the Grid Page template. That isn’t possible for the blog posts.


    Thanks @kathrynwp



    @kathrynwp: Thank you for hopping in! :)

    @anethicalyarn: Let us know for anything else. Best Wishes! :)

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