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    Hi there, when i try to create a new blog on the registration field it is not allowing me to add a domain… so for example i cannot add

    Any know what i am doing wrong or if there is a temporary bug?




    That happens sometimes. Just enter the url you want in the browser bar and if it’s available it will take you to the right spot with the cursor in place. It must be like this, with at the end:


    hey I’ve already created new blog. now i would like to add new blog with keeping the old one. and different blog name.

    But it seems that we can create new post/page but not new blog… can any body tell me how to do that?



    Go to the main page –

    You’ll see a pale mauve box saying “welcome back, yourname”

    at the bottom of that box is an option “register another blog”

    That should do it.

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