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    We’re trying to add a new contributor to our blog. He’s got a WordPress account, but no blog of his own (doesn’t want one). We’ve sent him invitations three separate times, and he’s accepted the invitation, but that acceptance isn’t showing up on our dashboard and he can’t get in to add his post.
    When he’s accepted the invitation, WordPress has given him a link to start his own blog, which he closed. Is there a step here we’re missing?

    The blog I need help with is


    Two things – first, is this for a blog account? Because if it isn’t then this isn’t the right forum to ask on. This is, and you’ll instead need for self-hosted blogs. Here’s the page for the forums:

    and to understand the difference between and, click this:

    There are a couple of links at the bottom of that page that’ll give you extra info too.


    This is a blog: I do understand the difference, which is why I posted here in the first place.


    In that case I’ll put a ‘modlook’ on this so that staff will see it, because if he’s got his own account he really shouldn’t be asked to create a blog. There is an option for making an account without one.



    What is the invitee’s username?


    His username is baslerg.



    Hm, this seems odd, it should work. When you re-sent the invitation, did you re-send it from User -> Invites, or create a completely new invitation?


    I re-sent it from User -> Invites.



    Hm, would you try cancelling that invite and sending a new one?


    Done, will let you know what happens. Thanks!


    The invitation was accepted, and he’s now got access. Thanks for your help!



    You’re welcome!


    I have kinda same query. Invited a user to be ‘contributor’ to a closed blog. His name shows up in the list, but his posts are not visible on the dashboard. The contributor access rights indicate that posts will not go up, unless an administrator approves them. But where will the posts land up for the administrator to be able to approve them? Please help.

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