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    Not sure where to go to look for the answer. Sorry if this isn’t it, but please help direct me to the right place…Thanks in advance!

    I’m new to WP. And have had my blog for two months now. Purchased the domain and have it hosted thru WP. Now I have another domain that I want to use, which is currently parked somewhere else.

    1) Can I change the current domain and use the new domain, without losing the old one? Or should I use the new domain to point to the old one? Or can I have both domains point to this one blog? What’s my recourse? Hope this isn’t so confusing…

    2) I’m thinking about using a different template altogether, and the one I’m considering changing it to is a “premium” theme. How do I go about changing it? Is it possible?

    3) Since I already paid the $17…and if I change over to the premium one, will that fee apply towards the premium theme?

    Is there a work around to the questions I posted above? Or am I better off starting from scratch? Sorry if this is all too confusing. I appreciate your help!


    The blog I need help with is



    PS: My blog name is Thanks!



    I think you will have to contact staff directly and ask them. As far as I’m aware, you can’t have two custom domains both pointing to the same blog, but if it’s possible, staff will have to guide you through it.

    You can change to a premium theme at any time; the domain and the premium theme upgrades are totally separate. Here are the instructions:\

    Note that even with this upgrade, you can’t add themes external to You can’t just go buy a theme anywhere and put it on your blog.

    The $17 you paid is for the domain upgrade. Whether or not you apply another domain upgrade, it’s not going to be counted towards your premium theme.



    “Note that even with this upgrade, you can’t add themes external to You can’t just go buy a theme anywhere and put it on your blog.”

    So does this mean, I’m pretty much stuck with the theme that I started with? What if I wanted to use on of the premium (I’m thinking those are the paid ones), I can’t use my existing content and transfer them on to the premium theme? Does that make sense.

    Thanks for answering my questions.



    No, no. There are over a hundred free themes, plus several new premium themes that you can see via your dashboard. I just meant you can’t go download some “WordPress theme” from somewhere other than, because those won’t work here.

    Your content stays the same, no worries.



    Ah! I was thinking of using the one called, “Headlines”, in place of the “Coraline” that I originally got (which was free). So I can get purchase the “Headlines” and my content will all transfer over?

    I guess I should just leave the current domain to avoid confusion, including my readers, too?

    And when you say, “can’t go download some “WordPress theme” from somewhere other than” — that is so confusing. :) You mean, there are WP theme residing outside of “”? Sorry. I’m still trying to catch up with all the WP stuff. :)

    Thanks again!



    Your content doesn’t transfer at all. Your content on your blog is separate from the theme. Just apply the theme; it’s an entirely different section of code and won’t affect your content at all.

    Yes, there are thousands of themes for WordPress blogs out there online, but almost all of them are only for WordPress.ORG blogs. Ignore them. MOST of the stuff you get via Google that says it applies to WordPress is written about, not, and does not apply here.

    And yes, unless you know exactly what you’re doing and why, you shouldn’t try to get fancier than the standard options like one custom domain, etc. Once you’ve got more experience, you can try other options.



    Please read this so your are crystal clear on the differences between free blogs from and being free hosted here by wordpress.COM and free software isntalls from wordpress.ORG for self hosting.

    Also note that every upgrade is for one blog only. Each one is for specific features only. And purchasing any upgrade does not change the restrictions or limitations that apply to blogs. :)



    Well you two are God sent! Thank you! That’s a lot clearer to me now. I’m learning! Now my head is about to combust. :)

    OK, so basically, my initial question was prompted because I just want to change the look of my current blog. Seems as though I can do that with just playing around with different themes (free or paid) within, and see which one suits me. The content will stay the same. The different theme is basically the outfit, while my content is the body. Is that a good enough analogy? LOL!

    If so, then this case is closed. Thanks again!



    You’re welcome!

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