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    I have done a draft of a new page called Monoprints.

    1. In the Page Attributes section, what number should be in the order column? I am not really sure what the order is referring to here.

    2. Where do I select the number of columns I want on my page? I could not find that rear with those kind of choices.

    3. I would like my Monoprints page to appear after my Scratchboard Page. How do I do that?

    4. How do I get “Monoprints” listed on the menu below scratchboard on all pages and posts?

    I have obviously done this before and just watched the video about setting this up but just cannot get it right so I would really appreciate some assistance.

    Thanks so much.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Nancy –

    The Auto Focus theme that you’re currently using has been retired. My suggestion is to switch to an actively supported theme with documented instructions available.

    You can browse the active themes at

    I’ll be happy to make a few suggestions for you to check out. Can you tell me more about your site. Are you interested in setting up portfolios?



    I use my site to show my artwork. I post new artwork on the home page. That is the only page that I post to and is used as a “blog.” That is followed by a static Welcome page.

    The others are static pages where I have the same artwork that I introduced on my home page but organized by type on different pages: Ink and Paint Work; Unnatural Journal; Scratchboard; Gold Leaf; Animal Portraits; Drawings; Collage.(I used galleries to set these pages up). These pages are followed by an About page, which includes a contact form. A list of the title of these pages can be found in the margin of all pages so that one can click on a page name to go to another page.

    “All images on this Web site © copyright Nancy Wolitzer” appear in the margin of all pages.

    I allow comments.

    Given this information could you make a recommendation of a theme for me? What do you mean by “Portfolios?” Are those the same as the way I have set up my pages by art category?

    Is there a way to save my current blog in case something goes weong with setting up the new blog?

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi –

    Portfolios are a theme features designed to showcase creative work, such as yours. Here is a list of our themes that support this feature:

    Do these look like something you’d be interested in?

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