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Adding New Parent Pages

  1. I am trying to add a new Parent page for a series of pages I intend to post under the Parent page. When I go to the Attributes tab, I only have the option of using a Parent page I already have....there is no place to add a new one. I've added new Parent pages before, am I missing a step or is there a limit to the number of Parent pages one can add???


    The blog I need help with is

  2. @patchkat
    You can create s new static Page and make it a Parent page and then create sub-pages (child pages) and assign them to the Parent page. See here for instructions >

    Many themes do not display static Page tabs in the horizontal navigation menu and those that do (* except a few see below) do not display sub-pages (child pages) in dropdowns from that menu or in the menu bar at all. When you choose a theme like the one you have up on your blog you need to place the Pages widget in your sidebar to provide access to your pages and sub-pages.

    I cannot see what theme you are using because you didn't post the link to it. If the the theme you chose does not have this feature coded into the template underlying the theme and you aren't happy with using the Pages widget, and are willing to switch themes then ...

    * the Bueno, Enterprise (2 dropdown levels - top for pages & sub-pages; bottom for 10 Categories & sub-categories ), iNove, Inuit Types, Monochrome, Neutra, Sandbox 1.6.1, Structure, Twenty Ten, Titan and Vostok themes are the only ones that have dropdowns to child pages from parent pages in the top horizontal menu.

    I hope this helps. :)

  3. Timethief - You've actually just answered my question from last night (posted in Questions). Thank you!

  4. @starrygirl1
    Aha! You must mean this thread >
    That's great news. You're welcome. :)

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