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    If I add more tags to a post after it has been published and hit the “update” button will they be effective?


    The blog I need help with is



    They will exist for the purposes of internal navigation if that’s what you’re asking. If you’re asking if you will then go to the head of the global tag pages for those tags, no: it’s a known tag spamming technique and has protections against it. If this is your goal, you risk getting your entire blog banned from all tag pages for good.



    Thanks for your answer.

    I am new to blogging and once I published my first post, I realized I could have added more tags relevant to my post topic, which I missed before. These tags may help reach other bloggers in my subject area. So I added them and updated. But, I was unsure what happens after that.

    Previously, I had very few tags but I just realized I can add many more.

    How many tags can be added per post? Also, I am unsure what happens if suppose I tag “coral reefs”, then does that include both “coral” and “reefs”?

    And what about, say “shark” – does that include the plural “sharks” as well?

    Thanks a lot



    You can add an infinite number of tags, but anything over about a dozen starts to put you in the category of tag spammer.

    When you add a tag to a pre-existing post, it just pops up on the tag page in the place appropriate for the original date of the posts’s composing. If you started writing it October 1, saved it as a draft, published it the 15th, then on the 19th added tags, it will show up on the tag pages as if it had been published October 1. No matter when you add the tags.

    “Shark” Does not include “Sharks.”
    “Coral reef” Does not include “Coral” or “Reef.”



    I’ll keep that in mind about tagging!

    Thanks a lot!

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