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Adding new themes

  1. Could you consider adding a decent 3-column theme. Your current choice is very limited!
    I found a really cool one (link below):
    It has a photo header (a must!) and 2 widget-ready sidebars that are located on both side of the main body (I find this structure nicer than having them on the same side) is doing a great job and I really enjoyed it so far. I am just impatiently waiting for new developments.


  2. Staff have requested that theme requests be sent to them via feedback along with a list of the reasons you wish to see the theme introduced as well as that link that you've provided.

  3. Wow, that theme is very nice. I have the "Newspaper" style now, but if this was an option i think i would upgrade!

  4. "Newspaper" isn't an option for blogs. Which theme are you talking about?

  5. f1 has pressrow currently.

  6. Ah. thanks. Again I say it would be so easy if people linked their names to their blogs.

  7. Sorry raincoaster, i am new to these blogs and forums. I do not know the exact names or how to link my name. How would i link my name to my blog? If you told me then i would do it.

  8. We are but the mice running around in the maze around here. Please remmeber that I still don't have that user's blog list that I've asked for a bunch of times.

    That and the edit and whois links on the first post in each thread. I wish staff would fix that for me. It's a pain coping and pasting when i have to. Three times just this morning. :(

  9. Click on teh View Your Profile link at the top of this page and you can edit your forum account unde the the edit tab. To do it on the blog side, it's Dashboard -> users -> Your profile. Fill in the website bit with an URL address.

    If you just want to put a link in a post here, all you do is paste it in. For example:

    Hope this helps,

  10. Thanks for answering drmike. Appreciate that, and i hope it has worked this time!

    (if not here is the pasted link anyway, just in case ;) )

  11. Looks good. :)

  12. Works perfectly. Thanks!

  13. newspaper has those sponsored links in the footer that get the wordpress admins so uppity. it's unlikely that any of the "rockin" themes will be installed here.

  14. They've been removed before....

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