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Adding New Users

  1. Hi All,

    I upgraded my blog from to to be able to add new users.

    After the upgrading, I'm still having the same options under (Users) which are Users, Invites, My Profile and Personal Settings,,, and i don't have the "Add New User" option.

    I'm new "WordPresser"... How i can Add New Users to my blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Adding a new user works the same, regardless of whether you purchased the domain mapping or not.

  3. i didn't mean inviting people...

    in blog you could find " Add new users " under " Users ".. I'm missing this option.

    Is there any thing I've to do to be able to add users to my blog?

  4. Are you the Admin of the blog or not? See here > Also see here > Users > Invites >

  5. I'm the Admin,, and I have the option of Invite..

    the problem is that I do not have " Add New User " in " Users" subpanel. Also, I can not add plugins to my blog...

    I think i'm missing something here !!

  6. That's very odd. Have your tried any troubleshooting?

    If none of those work for you then you will have to contact Staff. Here's the link

  7. OK,, I'll do those things..

    few questions here,,

    Do I need to change the nameservers in my domain manager to the new host server?
    Do i need to download the software and upload it to MySQL?
    Is there any update or upgrade i need to go through?

  8. My possibly similar problem:
    I am the administrator at I have successfully added four different authors. All my attempts at adding another have failed. That user has registered with and has a blog. I have sent invites to that user's email address and they don't get through. I have tried to 'add user from the community' using that user's email address and it isn't recognized, asking me instead to send another invite, then tells me I've already sent an invite to that person. I've successfully invited and added users before and after this user, but can't get this one on the train. We've checked this person's email and the wordpress invites are not arriving, not being caught in the spam, not leaving wordpress as far as we can tell. He is using gmail.

    Utterly stuck, thanks in advance!

  9. Is the email you're inviting the SAME as the email associated with his profile?

  10. Utterly un-stuck. The user in question gave me the address he actually factually used to register, not the one he said he was going to use. Problem solved instantly. Human error. Thanks to all.

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