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Adding New Whos.Amung.Us Widget On My WordPress.Com Site

  1. Hello. I was browsing the homepage today, and I scrolled down a little bit, and discovered a new widget they came up with. It is a red widget that can be inserted to the side of your website. I was wondering how to get it on my website. I have the original widget on my site, but the new style looks better to me. Please help! Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Look at the code for the widget you want to use:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">WAU_tab('2xwhrxmii25y', 'left-middle')</script>
    Read what the support documentation says here

    Javascript is a no go at - sorry.

  3. You'll have to be more specific about which widget. They've got a whole range.

    Post the code here between backticks, those little marks usually on the same key as the ~

  4. -Time Theif, I have converted a short code for the widget. I just need to figure out how to get it on my website

  5. Post the code, between backticks, okay?

  6. The Widget in My side bar is run off Java Script...

  7. Ok

  8. '

    Ok, there is the shortcode. But I don't know where to insert the code.

  9. This is what it says on the whosamungus site where I can find no indication that we have free use of any kind of widget other than the original one.:

    Note: It is very important that when you get the code from our site you select the 'Non-Javascript' option underneath the code box before copying the code. This ensures you get 100% WordPress compatible code.

    1. Go to the whosamungus site to get the HTML (non-javacript) code you require for the button.
    2. Customize the button color and font color to suit your blog prior to copying the code.
    3. This is how to insert the non-javascript code into a text widget: Log into your blog and go to -> Dashboard ->Appearance -> Widgets
    4. Drag a Text Widget out of the Available Widgets box and drop it into in the sidebar box in the position you want it to appear in the sidebar.
    5. In the larger space below the title for the Text widget paste in the code you copied.
    6. Click “Save Changes”.

  10. Ok, thanks. When I put short code, I meant to put html. On the WAU website, they used to have a button to where they generate an html code for you to use on your site.

  11. I know but the new widget doesn't have the html button. None of the widgets do. I got the html code to my original widget by clicking the 'Post to wordpress' button. I got the code from my post and inserted it to a Text Widget. But the new W.A.U. widget doesn't have the WordPress button.

  12. It's still there although they re-arranged the site:
    This is the link to the "help" page

  13. BTW when you say "short code" I believe your are referring to what they call "site key" so read those three sections of the Help entries at the link I posted above.

  14. The code is Java Script though. I copied the code in the tan box, pasted it into my site, and it didn't work...

  15. HOLY GUACAMOLE! They took out the html code!

  16. I know... :(

  17. The HTML version used to look like this (I'm using X instead of my actual site key numbers below)

    `<img src="" border="0" alt="hit counter" width="81" height="29" />

  18. ` NERTS! That sucks. However, on a better front, tishrei found gostats yesterday and they provide a free counter plus lots of extra visitor tracking information

  19. Ok. I might try that. But I need to ask my friend how he added the Whos.Amung.Us Java Script Map to Even on the WAU Help page, they said the maps cannot be posted on WP Blogs. Weird huh? (im and admin there) also has many other SWF files and Java Script content...

  20. That's not a wordpress.COM site, right?

  21. Which site?

  22. Dude, you're not allowed to have ads on a blog. You're gonna get deleted if you don't get rid of them. I'm serious.

  23. The widget is working on my end on your blog @


    Ads of any time are NOT allowed on blogs.

  24. Did I not just say that?

  25. I posted that for clarification.

  26. Yep it sure is crystal clear that decker81 better remove the ad or risk blog suspension or worse.

  27. ALL of the ads. He's got a whole row of them in the sidebar.

  28. Sorry the newest widget that whos amung us uses will not work here at


    Weird thing is, they still reference the non-javascript version in their help files.

  30. Hi everyone, Christopher from here.

    Great to hear there is interest in our new widget, but the downside is that is requires Javascript, and, as we all know, JS is a no-go on hosted WordPress blogs unfortunately - we'd love to have hosted WordPress users using it believe me!

    If you need pure HTML code for your WordPress blog, shoot us off an email at and just let us know your site URL and what widget you want (the original, custom color, and small widgets are currently embeddable in hosted WordPress blog but nearly all features including the visitor map will still work).

    Feel free to fire off any other suggestions, we always love to hear from our users!

    Merry Christmas everyone!


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