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    I have an open policy for comments, i.e. people can comment and comments appear without moderation. The comments form requires to fill in some name and e-mail. I would like to add an option of leaving a comment on my blog using someone’s Open ID, so that users of other blog hostings could add their comments with avatars. Besides, sometimes a person who’s commented a lot and always approved is being notoriously sent to spam queue on any new comment. I suppose an Open ID option (not an obligatory, just an option) could help.



    I think this is probably in the works already, along with Gravatars, although of course my opinion is only speculative.



    I’ve just seen that are only looking for wordpress to join openid support in WP blogs. I hope this is implemented soon.



    although, I hate to break a thin ice of a hope again, but that idea has repeatedly come up here since those fora inception and has been successfully buried somewhere two years ago already without any feedback from the stuff.

    oh, apart from this one:

    What problems we are having do you think accepting OpenIDs would solve? > Produces OpenIDs”>#

    also, my money is on further developing of Gravatar
    — a proprietary closed source technology which promises to become a global identity system with a single, centralised user database owned by the one corporation, similar to the such proprietary identity systems as Microsoft Passport, Google/Yahoo/AOL accounts et al,

    rather than OpenID
    — an open sourced distributed single-signon system which can be set up on everyone’s own host and “is not owned by anyone, nor should it be”.

    Andy, I bet you’re spoiled by LJ a bit ;-)

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