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adding own domain

  1. uabprecarietat


    I bought a domain for my own and i'm trying to add it to my blog but it doesn¡t work. I've followed all the steps of "FAQ - Domain mapping", but when I try to add to my blog, it appears as a not registred domain (that its' not true) in admin => options => domain.
    What can I do?

  2. You have to change the nameservers to make sure they are and (double check FAQ for addresses) and then allow the time for the main Internet DNS servers to get this change working on all of them before wordpress can see the domain on their servers. Once this happens, you will be able to add it to your blog. It can take up to 72 hours to provagate on .ca and .net domains and are usually 'really' quick on .com domains. If you double check the name servers are correct, just keep trying!


  3. The nameservers are correct but I'm showing other issues.

    Um, you mention that you're entering for the domain. That's not correct. The domain name would be The 'www' is a machine name or a subdomain off of the domain name. Please try it without the 'www' bit.

    I would think that the software should be stripping it though.

  4. uabprecarietat

    thanks for your replies,
    I changed the namservers on 15th of March...
    I've tried without "www" and it doesn't work either. How much time I need to wait for?


  5. 5 minutes if that.

    You did pick up the domain upgrade, right? Paid the ten dollars?

  6. I don't understand what does "domain upgrade" mean... I paid for the domain, but not through, I bought it in Hosting LMI and they say that everything is right.

    In the DNS report seems that the problem is in the nameservers....

    help please!

  7. uabprecarietat

    markitus member = uabprecarietat member

  8. You need to pay WordPress so that they will allow you to change the domain name of your blog. It's actually cheaper to buy the domain name through them than to buy it elsewhere and then pay for the redirect. WordPress wants bloggers here to keep "" in their names for the obvious WordPress-advertising value, so they charge you if you want to change your domain to something else and still have them host your blog.

    If you check the FAQ for Domain Upgrade you should find the instructions there.

  9. Exactly. You paid already to register to your domain. Now you have to pay to have host your domain.


  10. Hi

    I have paid the $10 to host the domain. I checked with and everything is correct. It's more than ten minutes and my does not show my blog.

    This is what optins> domain show Your blog URL March 27, 2007 March 27, 2008 Redirecting to (Put blog here) December 26, 2006 Never

    This all seems to be correct but I still see the old stuff on

    Thanks for helping


  11. Hi

    I thought that I should rather ask support directly and not use someone else's post to ask my questions. If I did not follow protocol then please accept my apologies.


  12. Hijacking a thread is not a good thing, no, but it's pretty much the same issue.

    I use their sister site,, for stuff like this. report. There does seem to be a few issues, like you're not using the ns3 nameserver.

    I see the correct website when I pull it up. An easy way to tell is to look at your page source and check to see if is mentioned within the meta tags.

    You may still be using old dns information on your computer. If it's a PC, pleas eopen up a text prompt and type in the following to clear it.

    ipconfig /flushdns

    Hope this helps,

  13. Hi my issues was resolved. I can only blame time

    and not me being impatient ;-)

  14. The 5 minutes is when data is going from the registar to the ICANN nameservers. The 24-48 hours is when it filters down from those nameservers to folks on the net and it depends on the time limits set up within the domain record. has some short time periods that cause visitors to do DNS lookups more often since they're doing the load sharing.

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