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adding page navigation

  1. Hi - a newbie question. I am currently using the Contempt Theme, which I really like. However - it is missing one thing that I would like to have, which is "page navigation". By page navigation I mean: on top (or bottom) of each post the three links to the previous post, Main or Home, and next post. (With previous and next being ideally by post title).

    If I get the CSS upgrade, is that something I could add to the theme? I'm more than happy to do the studying to learn how, but first I'd like to learn if I can do it.

    Thanks for any help! -Janet

  2. You may want to contact support on this because I thought page navigation (previous and next, but not home) had been enabled on all the themes.

  3. When I look in Design >> Themes it is very clear that only 6 themes have page navigation, and Contempt is not one of them. Hence my question about whether I can use CSS customization to add it. I don't right now need to know how to do it, I just want to know if I can do it. If I can, then I can do the studying to learn how.

    Does anyone know?

  4. I'm not for certain, but I believe that adding the navigation would require hacking the underlying theme files.

  5. I went hunting for the announcement on the previous/next post thing but searching the news is an impossible task. The only thing I found was this thread on how to modify the display. So, I have to agree with TSP that it cannot be done with CSS and if it is important to you, contact support and ask them to add it.

  6. The theme I chose didn't have "home" navigation on it. I added it to each page. If this is what you are looking for, let me know, and I can post in the code. I did get the CSS upgrade. My blog is can see how it works by clicking on any of the pages. You'll see a "home" link at the top of each page.

  7. Thanks everyone! Rememberthepoor - I checked the source for your page and saw how you did it. I can probably do something similar (I hope). -Janet

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