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Adding pages for linking purposes

  1. fantasiasamplings

    First off I am relativelynew to blogging.

    I want to add my terms of service (ToS) to my Chateau theme - I've seen other blogs that have their ToS in possibly a footer widget that link to what I presume is a page but that "page" is not visible on the top menu yet readers when they click TOS in the footer are taken straight to that page.

    I am sure it's a simple answer but I cannot get my head around how to do that.

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Read this and create a Page. If your theme has a tabbed header, it'll show up there, if not, use the Pages widget.

  3. fantasiasamplings

    That't the thing, raincoaster I don't want a page that I produce to show up on the tabbed header - I don't want it to show up anywhere except as a link in a footer - how do I do that? My theme does have tabbed header and everytime I write a new page it shows up on the header and I don't want it to but I do want to be able to link to it for my readers.


  4. See here:

    And please correct your username link: it links to a deleted blog.

  5. fantasiasamplings

    Thank you for that justpi and I have indeed updated my username link - thank you for letting me know about that I wasn't aware the link was broken.

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