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    i watched your how on to make new menues, however in the section where to add the pages there nothing. it says no elements. how do i ad pages to my menu? do i have to go prenium for that?

    The blog I need help with is


    I have a similar but different question. I was able to add pages, but I want posts to go under other pages rather than on my regular, home page.

    On the left, if you look you should see:

    I clicked on Pages then Add New. The thing is, I was able to put information on the page, but I want to be able to put posts under individual pages (Yummy Food, My Whacked Out Brain, etc.)

    Can you help us both, please? My blog is


    You can add pages to your custom menu, by going to Appearance -> Menus, and clicking on pages (which by default is on most recent, so if you have pages not showing, click View All). You do not need any upgrade to do this, you just need to have published pages.

    @soireadthisbooktoday You might benefit by looking at the following links about this issue. Pages are different to posts, and you cannot put posts onto pages. What you are talking about (I think) is making a tab in the menu that links to a certain category of posts (like Yummy Food), which you can easily do by using a custom menu, and adding the category (this will mean all the posts in that category will be shown if someone clicks on the link).

    If you want a static front page and have your posts elsewhere so someone has to click on ‘Blog’ or something when they get to your site to see your posts, see here:


    Thank you! I will get right on it. I have a lot of different things I like to talk about, :-)

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