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    Using the Mystique theme I was hoping to be able to add Pages/Tabs that would link to external sites when you clicked them.

    My blog is…

    …which is a baseball site. If you look at the Pages/Tabs at the top, take “The Show” for example as I would like to place each Major League Baseball team’s official site as sub-pages which act as direct links to the official club site.

    Any idea if this is possible or how to do so.


    -Mike P.

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, you can link to external sites in your menu by making Custom Links, as follows:

    1. Go to Appearances -> Menus
    2. In the Custom Links box, paste your link into the URL field
    3. In the Label field, enter what you want to use for the link text (for example the Team name)
    4. Click the Add to Menu button
    5. Drag your new menu item from the bottom of the list to just under “The Show”, and slightly indented to the right (you’ll see a dashed outline show up as a guide)

    If you get stuck, this explanation of Custom Menus may help:



    I appreciate the help, however, I understand how to create “custom menus” which I am using in my sidebars but what I want to do has to do with “pages.”

    My current pages are The 1 Constant…Baseball, The Show, and The Amazins with numerous sub-pages which are located under my header. What I want to do is create sub-pages that link directly to an external site.

    For example say I want to add a sub-page titled “New York Yankees” which I understand how to do but what I do not know is how to make it a direct link when the New York Yankees page is clicked to take it directly to the Official Site of the New York Yankees. I know that I would have to include the team’s web address but I do not see where an option exist when creating pages.

    Each page starts with “”

    Basically what I am saying is I want the example New York Yankees page link to re-direct to the Yankees site when clicked.



    I think you set me on the right path anyhow as I am pretty sure I can accomplish what I want to do with the “Theme Locations” and setting up 1 menu with many sub-menus.



    Right — your page links across the top (Baseball, The Show, Amazins) show up now by default because they’re your site pages. But you can replace that default menu with a custom menu, name it something like “Primary”, and then assign it to be your Primary Menu in the Theme Locations box.

    You’ll then need to add your site’s pages to this menu using the Pages box in the Menus options screen, and order them by dragging.

    After that you can add your Custom Links anywhere you want to in the Menu.



    Yeah, I was a bit confused at first but I got it. Thanks a lot.

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