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    Two questions for help:

    1. I have successful added two PDF files into my page. Both PDF file names appeared in blue color. However, one of the PDF name is underlined while the other one is not. How do I get rid of the underline?

    2. Instead of showing file name, how do I show the PDF icon for readers to click to access the PDF document?



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    I use… Is there anything unusual about uploading a pdf file?



    Uploads about like a picture – just a different icon – the text name in your Post can get changed to the file name you upload and you might want to fine tune the text in your Post after the upload.

    There are some instructions in the Support area.


    You uploaded them using the “add media” button (the one that looks like a sunburst) and then when you insert them into a post or page, a link will be created. You can edit the link and change the anchor text if you wish. When clicked on, the file will open in the visitor’s browser (if they have a PDF viewer plugin installed) or it will download to their computer where they can then open it with a PDF viewer application.


    Here is a support document on it.

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