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    How do I upload a PDF file to a blog?



    You can upload a pdf by default. Here is an FAQ on uploading photos, but the same principle for uploading PDF files to your blog.




    The only difference is that the system give a text link to teh file. Someone a while back mad the suggestion of coming up with or finding your own icon for the *.pdfs, uploading that as well to your space, and using that as the link to the *.pdf.

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    Okay I have uploaded a pdf file (which is 10.5 MB) to and a small picture to to associate with it…will someone explain to me why when I try to click through to take a look at the pdf file I get redirected to asked to sign up for a blog (or at least a username) and then upon doing so I get a 404 error?

    Here is my test post

    All I want to be able to do is what this user is doing with her/his files?
    Is my file too big to do this?

    Also why is this so difficult and why can’t we please have a FAQ on getting pdf files to show up in our blogs? It sure seems to me like pdf file uploading and viewing questions are becoming a FAQ to me?




    I’m that blogger ;) When i tried to download your test, Adobe Reader said the file was damaged. Do you have another one to try?



    Feedback sent. We’ve now had three threads on this this morning.

    File size shouldn’t be an issue.

    By the way, you’re not really uploading *.pdfs of magaizines, are you? That would be a copyright issue that would have to be dealt with.,




    Thanks (so it’s not just me who is having this issue…that makes me feel better).

    BTW for the use I have in mind it may fall under ‘fair use’. Also since I practice law (IP including copyright happen to be my specialties) I have a pretty good idea of what I can and can’t do (online and offline). I happen to be discussing items in my physical possession for which I paid appropriate consideration to the publisher and there’s this area called the “first sale” doctrine that applies.

    But enough law…I may see if I can rescan in just the relevant part of the magazine (although the whole article is pretty cool and I plan on extensively commenting on several parts of it).



    But most articles are sold by the writer to the magazines for “First North American rights”, not digital rights or reprint rights. Doesn’t that factor in? Since it’s a blog and you’re not making any money on it, fair use comes into play, but how does First Sale come into it? Physical possession of an object doesn’t necessarily include digital rights to that object.



    I’d ask my own attorney about the subject but I’ve already blown through my retainer hours for the month and I can’t affoard to submit any more questions unless they’re work related.

    As I understand “first sale”, it pretains to the physical copy that one has physically in their hands and what right they have over that copy. Considering that the sale of a magazine or other copyrighted material does not offer copyright premission to the holder of that physical item, I don’t think making *.pdfs of said article would be covered under the copyright law mentioned here.

    Now, if the poster did make “appropriate consideration” to the publisher, then it’s allowed. Buying a copy of the magazine is not “appropriate consideration” since copyright permission for copying isn’t granted from the cover price.

    You have no idea how much I had to explain this when I worked for Eckerd Photos. Got some people very angry at me, especially since usually whatever drug store was also nearby would copy anything and did so.



    vdovault guy – if you practice law, including copyright law, you know that first sale has nothing to do with this. You cannot scan magazine articles and re-publish them online. This infringes the rightsholder’s exclusive right of distribution and is de facto infringement. Sure, we can walk through the fair use factors if you want, but that is also not an argument you will win. I haven’t gone through your entire flickr account, but not all the reproducing and publishing you are doing there is kosher either.



    is there a link to the actual answer to the question rather than law and copyright? i’ve uploaded a PDF that is not corrupt (unless it was corrupted in the upload process but this would be the 3rd try now…) and have clicked on the Send to Editor button. The link appears on the page but when you click it, it goes to a blank page (though the URL indicates its trying to display a pdf file…) thanks in advance!



    How do I upload a pdf to a blog?

    The instructions for uploading pdf files are the same as those used to upload images

    If you have difficulties like you describe above then you may need staff help. During support hours on weekdays you can use this link to contact staff and in between staff do monitor these forum threads.

    HTH :)

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