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    I been trying to add photo’s the way I have always done and for some reason the image won’t appear only an empty box with a small cross in the top corner…any ideas what to do anyone?

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to a post or page where this is happening so that we can take a look.


    I am also having trouble uploading pictures. The screen where I normally upload looks different and when I try to upload the pictures say they’ve been uploaded and the image name transfers to the media gallery but I can’t see it & it doesn’t appear in my blog. The media gallery has the image names & “show” but that does not link to anything. I’ve never had trouble with photos but the entire uploading process looks different and is not functioning. I’ve tried the simple uploader and it does the same thing. Lists the image name but no picture.


    This is my blog:

    The photos I’ve previously uploaded & the blog itself is fine but I’ve been precluded from uploading any new photos to posts.

    I’m using Firefox v. 3.6.3 but this is the same browser I’ve used since I started my blog almost a year ago.


    Ive had the exact same problem too and it helped when I cleaned out the cache and cookies memory on my computer :)

    Hope this will help you too :)


    There seems to be something going on as others have been getting errors when trying to upload images: .

    My suggestion is to contact staff directly at .


    If you’re still having trouble uploading images it’ll be best to get in touch with us. That way we can work on the specifics of what’s going on.




    Previously this error has been on account of a Flash update. So if you haven’t for a while, have a look see if your Flash is up to date.

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