Adding Photos and links to my side bar.

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    Hi, Im new here and am having a few issues. I have read through the past posts and cant seem to find the answer to my question. I have been on here since 7pm trying to figure this out :(

    I would like to add on my “sidebar” a photo and a link from this site If you scroll down you will see the code for the small image.

    Basically I want to do what she does on her sidebar See her little pics which are linked.

    How may I do this?



    You can set up a Text Widget and then place the html code in the Text Widget. Not javascript code but html code. But go to your Dashboard and then click Presentation. Then click where it says ‘Sidebar Wodgets’. There’s also an option there for how many text widgets you want. Then save the changes. It will take a few minutes for the changes to show. Or do what I do and go and edit any post but don’t change anything but save the “editing”. Changes for me always happen that second for me. lol



    I forgot to say that click where these three lines are:–20060502231543.bmp/view/

    And that opens up the widget and you then place all the codes there.


    Thank you, I did that but all I get is a question mark. I left it up so you can see it,



    Looking at the source code for your text widget gives this:

    <li id=”text-2″ class=”widget widget_text”> <h2 class=”widgettitle”> </h2>
    <div class=”textwidget”><img>
    <img src=”””” alt=””selfportraitchallenge”” />”

    I think the ” breaks the code. Delete everything from that widget and insert this code:

    <img src=”” alt=”selfportraitchallenge” />

    That should work for you. But I noticed a closing anchor tag. Were you trying use the image as a link to somewhere?


    Thank you! It worked. Yes I was trying to link it to the “Self Portriat Challange” site (see above first post.’ Thanks again. This blog is new to me (I moved here from Live Journal) it is a learning experience. :)



    Replace the code I gave you earlier with this:

    a href=””><img src=”” alt=”selfportraitchallenge” /></a

    Only, put a “<” and “>” in the beginning and end of the code. That’ll make that image link to the site you wanted. :)

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