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? adding photos in story but not all of them

  1. jeannettavivere

    Hello I am wondering if someone can help me, I am writing a story about a trip to Sicily. I've tried posting a photo next to a segment I'm writing about but seem to get all the photos showing up instead of just one. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong? Is there a way to do insert multiple slideshows ? Yesterday I thought I got it to work and all the sudden everything was distorted and I had to delete the photos.

    Appreciate your help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. jeannettavivere

    also wanted to add, i've got a slide-show in but it's showing all the photos, not just a few selected ones, in this report i'm writing I'm up to the point of showing a greek temple and prison caves, I would really like to just insert a slide-show of those photos only next to that paragraph.

    I hope I explained this properly?


  3. The WP slideshow displays all the images uploaded to the post. For multiple slideshows displaying different images each, you need 3rd-party slideshows. See the "Related" links here:

  4. jeannettavivere

    thank you panag, for now I'm adding one photo at a time, saving it, than adding another, I will check out these links you posted.

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