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Adding photos to left side of page

  1. Need help with my wife's blog

    She would like to add a members list to the left side of her page. It would be a thumbnail photo, with a bio underneath. Having trouble figuring that out.

    Hoping someone can help us do this...


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If they are also writers for the blog, she can just use the Author's Widget. If not, she's going to have to create a text widget, and those are written in HTML code. There's a cheat, though: just create it in the visual editor like a draft post and then when it looks right, click to the Text editor and copy all the code and put that in the widget.

  3. When you say create in visual, you are not including photos are you?

  4. Yes, include the photos and text. Remember that the left sidebar of Sunspot is 253px wide.

  5. Yes, of course. That's why you create it in the visual editor, so you can easily insert images and format them relative to the text.

  6. Thank you, think we have it now... can we somehow center the menu title?
    If you look at her site you will see what we just added. Would like to center " Crazy Women"

  7. That would be CSS editing with the Custom Design upgrade.

  8. No you do not need CSS to move the title over. Just type this a few times before the title.
    & nbsp ;

    type that without the spaces after & and before ;

  9. Really? I thought staff disabled that.

  10. Well it worked, and I thank you tess.... please don't disable things that are useful?

  11. @raincoaster,

    No, I don't think staff even discussed that issue.

    There were other issues mentioned, but as far as I know they all still work… though I don't offer them as advise anymore.

  12. @disc440

    You are welcome. Please note that I am not on staff: I'm a volunteer, a fellow blogger.

  13. In any case, thank you wife and I have fun with blogs, and appreciate the fact that we do not have to pay. Living on SS is a
    difficult task.

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