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    It’s 3 months since I made a blog post, but in that period the screen for ‘new post’ seems to have changed. There doesn’t seem to be a button for adding photos to my post. I clicked on the media one, chose my photo and it immediately said it was 100% done (it always took much longer before) and there’s no option for choosing where to put the photo or writing a description. Help, please? I always place lots of photos in my blog.

    The blog I need help with is



    Mine is working fine
    I simply put the cursor where I want the pic, press add media then INSERT TO POST
    Are you sure you are clicking INSERT and NOT the save button, if you hit save it just puts it in your gallery and not the post itself, I made that mistake myself at first

    Have a look at your gallery and see if the pic is in there first
    So click add media, and select the GALLERY tab, if it isnt in there, then you are right it is not uploading, and is a bug
    If it is there, just click SHOW and look for the insert button just above the save button

    If it is not that, im sorry I cant help



    i have the same problem,
    i try to insert pictures in gallery/or in a new post and it is not uploading them.The button were i insert pictures it’s not working

    if i have a bug,what can i do?



    I’ve solved it! Although it says 100%, you have to wait for a minute or so and then it appears. Hope you get yours sorted out, too.



    Thanks, allaboutpoi. I just saw your reply. That’s me got it up and running! Phew!

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