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Adding Pictures Throughout A Post

  1. eatingwithsporks

    I am trying to add pictures throughout my posts.... I have trouble though because If I upload one picture at the top of a post and then try to upload three more pictures in the middle of the post the top picture gets moved to where I added the next three. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Click where you want it then insert or insert then drag it.

  3. oh! giving 3GB of space. u can upload in media. or also u can make pic added through bbc code

  4. eatingwithsporks

    thanks... commenting on dragging pictures... i have no such luck doing that. i might add that i use a mac if that makes a difference. dragging them would be perfect but it doesn't work and if you look at the post i just posted it took me over an hour just to insert the pictures, and they still came out crappy!

  5. I have a mac and drag and drop images all the time in the editor both in Safari and in Firefox. You just have to make sure that your mouse cursor (pointer) is exactly where you want the image when you release.

    The main problem with the particular post you mentioned is that there is very little text to help with alignment of the images, and because there is such a variety of image sizes. You have to remember that the web is not like a page layout or drawing program where you can align things perfectly and precisely by small increments, it is still a text based thing and as such it is difficult to do what you were trying to do unless you are working in pure HTML and using web page design software such as Dreamweaver or something like that. That post is a real challenge.

    I would likely have done things in a 2-column table and then alternated the images and text in the left and right columns to keep the look interesting. I would probably have also worked on getting a little less of a drastic difference in sizes on the images.

  6. I'm doing this project for school, and in the criteria it says that we need to add pictures throughout our blog, but we werent told how to. So if anyone can help that would be great?

  7. Did you read all of the above?

  8. yah and its not helping

  9. it says that I have uploaded a picture but its not showing up

  10. thanks that helped I think

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