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    Thanks in advance for anyone who helps me with this.

    I created a second page to post a series of pictures. And no matter what I try, (i.e. enter my own html or use the editor) I canNOT for the life of me, get my pictures to CENTER on the page!! Also, I want to add more spaces and <br and <p are not working! :( I’m using the Blix theme, btw.

    Also, why is there a search box on our blog but not in the FORUM?? :)

    Thanks for creating, I really do like it.



    There is a search box on the forum. It’s covered in the FAQ as well.

    I have a feeling that you’re using the rich editor. You’ll have better control over your html if you use the regular text editor.



    Yes, you are correct, I had the rich editor on but I was going into the “html” section to edit it. Actually, that is how I got the “image” code there. So I turned the editor off and the code is there… looks correct to me. align=”middle” (actually, I typed “center” but it automatically changed it to “middle”), but the pictures still won’t align in the center


    I still cannot get my photos centered. Very frustrating!



    Happened to me too. I think that it doesn’t take complex HTML code, and for some reason, the “center” tag counts as one.



    How about <center></center>


    Nosysnoop, tried that… a bazillion times and a few different ways! :) Thanks.

    “Center” is complex? Sheesh! It’ll take “width=” though? :)


    Ok! How very strange. Today I wiped out all my html, started over, but this time I added thumbnails to the page… added about 20 of them, hit the “CENTER” button and it worked! Wouldn’t you know it?

    Of course, it wouldn’t do that for normal size pictures! Strange. I’m thinking maybe there weren’t enough “breaks”? Who knows.

    You can close this if you want.



    Here’s how I solved this irritating problem:

    Instead of clicking the picture to select it, click and drag across it, the same way you would select some text, then centre the selected area.

    It works, but there’s a catch: when you use this trick to centre a picture wat the very top your post, there are a few blank lines above it which I can’t figure out how to get rid of. I looked in the html (which I really don’t know that much about) but I couldn’t see the problem.



    This is covered in the FAQ as well.

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