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Adding Posts to Certain Pages

  1. I have created several pages for my blog. I wanted to be able to write posts and put them on specific pages. But, this doesn't seem to be possible. For example, I run the new blog for my condo association. I have a parent page that is for the "community". I have a child page that says "meeting minutes". I wanted to be able to post meeting minutes as individual posts on the page. But, when I write a post, it doesn't give me an option as to where to publish the post. In fact, I'm not sure where the heck the post went once I published it. Did I just waste my morning creating parent and child pages?
    Blog url:

  2. You cannot post to a page.
    Posts and pages are very different from each other:
    You have only one dynamic page per blog: it is dynamic because it updates every time you make a post.
    more info about posting to a page:
    To organize your blog, use categories. With categories your readers can find the posts they are interested in seeing.
    You can use a category widget or make a custom menu:
    more info about custom menus:

  3. Did I just waste my morning creating parent and child pages?

    Before deleting your pages switch to the text editor and copy all the code. Add a new post and paste that code there. Give it a relevant title and category, then publish the post. Delete the page.

  4. Because you are only 17 hours old as a blogger, I'd suggest that you acclimate yourself to the wordpress platform by working through this helpful tutorial:

  5. Thanks for the tips. I guess this may not be what I'm looking for then. I liked this theme because it was more like a website than just a blog. I have some older residents in the community who would appreciate something simple and easy to follow. Hunting through posts may not work out so well for them. Thanks!

  6. Ah, but that was why I gave you the information about the custom menus.

    You can put links to your most recent information right into the top navigation bar and your older residents won't have to search for the latest news. (You'll have to keep updating your menu, but you will maintain a record of older items for yourself and others who might be interested: it will all be in one place)

    You can set your homepage to be static so the menu is clearly available:
    That way it will be more like a website than a blog.

  7. <opinion warning here>Just a little of my opinion here, but it might be useful to you. My own neighborhood association uses FaceBook to communicate, probably because so many folks have FB accounts. I find it difficult and annoying to navigate—but then I don't really "get" facebook. They also use Google circles for those of us who share my aversion to FB. The real problem is then that some things appear on one and not the other, and Google is sometimes slow to update. One place for all the info would be much better. </End my opinion>

  8. I will look into the custom menus. I already have my homepage set to static and I have a theme that has the parent pages on nice display with drop down menus for the child pages. So, it does look more like a website. I just think it's sort of stupid to have child pages that you can't post to. I mean...really, what's the point then?

  9. Tess, thanks for your opinion :) There are probably many of us on facebook, but many who can barely check their email :) I really was looking for something free and that required little upkeep once the initial creation was done. I'm pretty tech savvy, but I admit I've never done the blog thing.

  10. With categories and a custom menu, only you (and a few savy folks) will know that they are categories. The links in a custom menu (on a static front page) look just like ordinary links.

    My point is that you will have a continuing record of previous articles right there on your site should you ever need to refer to older information. And you won't have to keep deleting page content to get the most updated information live online.

  11. Well, now I'm super annoyed. First of all, to whom can I suggest the idea of letting you place your posts on a particular page? Because that seems to be a heck of a lot easier of an idea than doing the categories and menus. All I can find is how to ask the community a question, even when I clicked the feedback form, it brought me here.

    But, I made categories and I went to the menu to create a menu and under categories where I can choose to add them to the menu, it only has one...uncategorized. But, I made several. Why can I not see them here? They show up when I look elsewhere. My pages I made show up as available to add to the menu. But, not the categories.

  12. Also, the main reason I just want to be able to write a post and put it where I want to, is because those on the mailing list will then get a copy of it in their email immediately. I'm sure with the categories feature and putting it on that particular page, they will still get a notification. But seriously, how easy and nice would it be to just make pages and then be able to post to them? No categories or custom menus required.

  13. So, I got the categories on the static home page. And yes, they do look just like links. But, i gave some of them parent status and some have a parent category. However, they are no longer showing up that way. They are all just there in a row. I even used some pages in the menu and those now have nothing on them even though they had content previously and the parent/child relationship that is set up on the pages is no longer there. I'm just going to have to deal with uploading files for the residents to download instead. I had wanted blogs on various topics on various pages that residents could just reply to. I suppose that's just not easily possible, even with categories. I guess I'll just forego the blog aspect for the residents altogether and just use the pages. I can upload documents instead. This really should be easier. I know this is not how most bloggers use their blogs. But, it really should be an option to simply choose where you want to put your post. I guess it seemed so obvious to me that I assumed it was like that here. None of the other blogs I looked at were as easy to customize to look like a website as this one. But, if someone could tell me who to direct my complaint to, besides the community, I'll gladly make the suggestion to the right person and maybe that can then be changed. I don't think it's less blog like to have blogs post on different pages.

  14. You just cannot post to a page.

    That is not how blogs work. A blog is a website with a special dynamic page which displays your most recent news. This is a plus on a regular static website. It just takes a bit of out of the box thinking to grasp the concept.

    If you have a category with no posts attached, then there is nothing to display. No one will see the category if there are no posts in that category. You must assign posts to the categories you set up. Then you will be able to make a custom menu. You need posts assigned to your categories first.

    Well, now I'm super annoyed. First of all, to whom can I suggest the idea of letting you place your posts on a particular page? Because that seems to be a heck of a lot easier of an idea than doing the categories and menus.

    I'm sorry you are annoyed, but staff would tell you exactly what I am trying to explain to you. Please read the links I gave you and experiment with them. If you like, set up a test blog (free!!) to do the trials so you can see how they work.
    It really is efficient to assign your posts to categories and use those links in a custom menu. Yes, it is confusing at first to set it up, but once you have it set up things work almost automatically.

  15. Oh, sorry, I took a phone call and neglected to update before I posted. Beg you pardon please.

  16. Thank you for your help. I am now playing with categories and the menus. I still believe that simply having an option of where to place a post is not a bad idea. I mean, someone could blog about several topics easily that way without having to go through custom formatting. I do get what a blog is. I've never written one, but I read and comment on many other blogs. I don't think you have to have one dynamic page for it to be considered a blog and basically, categorizing blog posts and using a custom menu looks exactly the same as putting different blog posts on different pages. So, it doesn't make sense to say that putting things on different pages makes it un-blog-like. I'm just saying, why not allow some people to choose where to put a post on a page instead of having to customize a menu and categories when essentially, you are doing the same thing. If you go look at the blog I'm starting...that's what it is becoming...different topics of blogs on different pages...though, technically, they are categories in a menu, not pages. I'm just saying, why not make the formatting of such a thing more simple.

    As it is now, I'm working on it and it is coming along. I don't think I'll need more assistance. I do thank you all for your help with creating the menus and categories so I could get it to look how I wanted it to look. But, I'm not going to change my opinion that it's the same thing as simply having a box to choose which page to put your post on would be. It now is doing what I wanted to do with the, I don't really see the difference besides having to do all sorts of extra custom formatting.

    But, thank you and I'm sorry for the negativity. Things seem to be working out better now.

  17. I'm glad to hear that it is beginning to work for you.

    Not being a programmer, I cannot address whether it would be easy or not to allow users to select a page to post to. And I'll say that I don't know of a platform where one can do that. You aren't the first or only one who wants to post to a page automatically. Different people have mindsets ready to understand various structures. To me, again the opinion expressed, I like the way categories organize ideas in my mind. Not just online…

    Any way, I wish you the best. And if you have more questions please feel welcome to post another topic.

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