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Adding posts to pages

  1. Hey guys, I have had a look online on how to add posts to pages so i can separate what I'm posting into their respective areas. But everyone is saying you need to do some form of coding but no one seems to line it out properly. Is there a very simple way of adding a post to a page and if not can someone please let me know how exactly I can post to a page.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. check out the custom menu,on dashboard settings custom menu

  3. I've just created a 'test' custom menu and saved it, but where does this appear on my blog site

  4. at the top ,like the normal menu, then you can drag and drop the pages, to make the menu has you want it

  5. Hmm i can't see the menu I've created, but it says my theme can have menu's though, so I don't see why I cant see it

  6. look at this video tutorial,it may help- I have tried many attemps,beforehaving the result,I wanted

  7. Ah yes thank you soo much, i had not set the theme location.
    Again thank you soo much

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