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    I am trying to make a gallery on a separate page from images i’ve uploaded to other posts. There doesn’t seem to be way to do this (despite what the gallery support page implies.) Of course I can upload them all again, but what a waste of space and time.
    I tried the “include=attachment id, idea, but there were no numbers showing up when “hovering over image title”

    Please help. Or put me out of my misery and say it’s just not possible.


    The blog I need help with is



    You can make a gallery from the images you’ve already uploaded.
    See this


    I’m sorry but that doesn’t work.
    I can insert a gallery with text [gallery] but then when I try to edit it the images that I try to add, by clicking “insert into post” get inserted as images and not as part of the gallery. Further, when I click the add media icon there is no gallery tab, only add from computer, url, media. Basically the support page is bogus on this issue, unless I’m missing something very fundamental.



    When you click on the “Upload” there is an option of inserting images from media library. If not then go to media> library and attach files to post.



    “When you click on the “Upload” there is an option of inserting images from media library”, but that’s for inserting individual images, not a gallery. A gallery normally works with images attached to the post, that is, images uploaded to your blog via the Add Media button of that post.


    The non-normal alternatives are: inserting a gallery of images attached to another published post or static page (by using the ID number of that post or page), or inserting a gallery of already uploaded images by using the ID numberes of the images. To find the ID numbers of the images, you go to Media > Library (dashboard sidebar, not post editor), hover over the name of each image and check the status/progress bar of your browser.

    “When I click the add media icon there is no gallery tab”: That tab shows only after you have uploaded images to the post.


    Thanks for the clarification. I finally got it working with the id numbers, though the ordering is not perfect, and when I try to edit the gallery it goes to the media uploader. In other words there is no way to get to that sweet “gallery options” area that exists if you upload all the images to that post. Too bad!


    You’re welcome.

    The Support doc on galleries includes all the options you can add to the gallery shortcode, and those are a lot more than the couple of options you get on the “sweet” popup.


    Well, the one thing I have not figured out how to do in shortcode is order the photos specifically as I want them, in other words the little boxes where you can enter a number in the popup. do you know how? Thanks.


    To order gallery images any way you like, you write the shortcode like this (plus the include option and the ID numbers, if necessary):

    [gallery orderby="title"]

    Then you go to Media > Library and manipulate the titles of the images so their alphabetical order becomes the one you wish.


    I’m finding that
    [gallery orderby="title ASC"] and [gallery orderby="title DESC"]
    return the same result: ASC. I would prefer them in DESC order. Am I using the right code?

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