Adding reddit, digg, etc buttons to all posts

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    I’m totally a newbie to WordPress.
    How would I add reddit, digg, etc. promotional buttons to each of my posts without specifically adding it to the post every time? Could you describe the exact process?


    The blog I need help with is



    You have to specifically add it every time. I use GetSocial, and I like it quite a lot.


    GetSocial does not work on mac?! :o



    If you are willing to take a few extra minutes when you publish a post then a workaround has been provided by a well known fellow wordpress blogger. If you proceed now to the archfx post via the link I posted above you will find (1) the code and (2) the instructions so, you can place the social networks icons at the end of each post.


    Is anyone using GetSocial with Windows Vista? I can’t get it to work with Vista, so if anyone has any tips, I’d appreciate it.


    This is really ridiculous, social networking and bookmarks and sharing drives so much traffic to blogs. As much as WordPress is a great platform, it really is far behind regarding this point – which I think is major point for bloggers…



    I’m using Vista and it works fine. I downloaded it to my computer and each time I publish a post, I run the program, follow the instructions then go back, and edit the post with the code under the html screen. What’s it doing for you?


    just use the add this button.



    Though I have followed all your instructions about language settings, I could not write in my ‘Marathi’ language. I find only English language while writing a post. I want to change the language when I need while writing. English & Marathi both the languages I want simultaneously in writing the post.



    Please do not hijack existing threads for issues that are unrelated. Do a forum search for related threads and if none of them answers your question, add to that thread if it’s the same question or start a new one if nobody has asked that question before.

    Also, always include a link to your blog, starting with http.

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