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    Backstory: I have checked off “Use a large and visually striking layout” in the Reading settings for Related Content and this feature is wonderful for those readers that actually take the time to click on the post that takes them away from the main page. Unfortunately, “Related content” doesn’t appear anywhere on the main page of my site (Screen Shots available). As most people only view what is in their (mostly mobile) readers and are less than ready to be clicking 3 or more times to get (from there) to further content, my concern is more one of trying to draw the reader into viewing older posts.
    In other words, when people are looking at the latest post I would like them to be able to click on an image between the LIKES and “posted in” that would lead them to that related content (Screen Shot available). As the site is primarily photography oriented, and generates a lot of graphic content, this would be in keeping with the overall design. Is there some sort of CSS that could be inserted into this theme to achieve this? Thanks in advance for any help or workarounds that could make this possible…

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, the related posts feature only shows on the single post pages, and it is beyond CSS to make it show on the main page. That would require editing of the theme PHP script files, and we cannot do that here at



    Thank you thesacredpath – do you have any ideas or links on how to drive readers to related content?


    From search engines, it is very likely people are going to be going directly to the single post pages, which have the related content on them.

    For those coming to your main page, what you can do is to use the Read More tag in your posts so that people have to click on the Read More or Continue Reading links to see the entire post.

    You may also want to check out the Top Posts and Pages widget as well. Although it is not post-specific, it is another avenue to get readers to additional posts on your site.



    Thank you for your reply. The first point is a good thing then, the second a possibility although I’m less inclined to pursue it because of design and navigation considerations, and the third is in use already! Looks like we’ll have to sit tight for awhile…


    You are welcome, and please let us know if you have any further questions or problems.

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