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    I have WordPress installed on one of my websites. On the blog, I edited it to include a listing of RSS buttons that I got from a site that creates RSS buttons. These buttons are so people that have Yahoo!, people that have Google, My MSN, My AOL, etc can subscribe to your blog. The button maker is located here:

    I don’t see how to it, though, with the free WP blog. On my blog that I downloaded and installed, I just went to Presentation > Theme Editor and added the coding the site gave me to the r_sidebar.php file. I was thinking of using Widgets, but not sure if that would work.



    This is the forums for hosted blogs. You need to be asking this over in the forums as that is where you need to be. Good luck!



    The question I am asking is about my hosted blog. On the right side of my blog, I want to add some RSS buttons. These buttons require HTML. Is there a way on the hosted blog to create your own “blocks” so to speak with HTML in them?

    I know how to do it with a self-hosted blog, which is to simply edit the r_sidebar.php file. However, with my hosted blog, I would like to know of a way to do this, but without modifying coding.



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