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Adding RSS content to pages or posts?

  1. Would it be possible?

    I know it is for widgets but I would have to err on the side that it wouldn't be possible to pull RSS content to a page or post itself.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No it is not. does not allow autoposting of content into posts or pages. Those are the favored tools of content thieves. The only place widgets operate are in the sidebars and footer areas for widgets. See also blogs allowed and not allowed as "scraper blogs" and automated blogs" are in the not allowed category.

  3. Ah I wasn't planning on using RSS to steal content, more for showing my own content that gets recorded at another site... but I can use Excel to show off that data instead.

    Which comes to my next question, if I convert an Excel document to HTML could I paste the HTML code into the HTML view of the post editor and show it that way or is that no permitted on either?

  4. .xls, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Document) is an accepted file type and you can upload the documents to your blog using the Add Media icon. So why convert it when you can upload it?

  5. sure its accepted, but why make everyone download it? Make the data readily available instead :) Which is wy I would like to have RSS go to a post or page (all it is just a list of costs)

  6. wy=why

  7. Hello gain,
    When it comes to the RSS issue to be frank you are beating a dead horse. You are not the first person who has asked this nor will you be the last. However, if you would like to share your feelings and feedback with Staff you are free to do that. Here's the link for you to use to contact Staff directly..

    The option of choosing to upload the entire document exists. You are not compelled to use it.

  8. Of course I understand the concern of RSS/content scraping so to speak and I agree its a good idea to not allow it but it prevents genuine legit uses. I'm surprised still allows RSS via widgets though.

  9. well I tried the HTML import, it works but the formatting is very crude and doesn't fit on the page.

    I'm looking for a way to itemize an ongoing budget and overall budget while I travel so I don't know of any other way other than to require viewers to download the files which IMO is more time than its worth it to them.

    So maybe you have a better idea?

  10. @mynetdude, I would suggest getting Windows Live Writer if you are on Windows. It supports tables and does a very nice job on them. You could then add the stuff to a table there, publish the page or post to the site directly from WLW and then anytime you needed to update it, just update it in WLW and then update the post from within WLW.

  11. hmm good idea, cuz I was going to say that when I imported the HTML tables they went past the column somehow and was hiding behind my sidebar. Speaking of WLW have you heard of Mirimar WinJournal?

  12. No I haven't. If it does tables, it might also be an option for you.

    I'd love to have a blog client that does tables, but there isn't one for Macs. I have to log into my Joomla Development site and then use the editor in it (which does a fine job on tables) and then copy it out of the Joomla editor sourcecode window, and paste it into WordPress' editor HTML editor.

    Kind of ironic.

  13. ok, how do I keep the tables from bleeding over to the sidebar?

    I think it will do tables it had better since its payware.

  14. You can also use Scribd to hold an xl spreadsheet - the sheet can be updated on Scribd and the link in your Post stays the same

  15. Aux! Good timing and thanks

    Thank you ALL for taking the time ;) :)

  16. You be welcome

  17. To keep tables from bleeding over into the sidebar, you need to add a width "style" to the opening table tag such as this.

    `<table style="width: 100%;"> Then it will always expand to fit the width of the available area in the post or page. The problem comes in when the number of columns, and the width of the cell contents are such that it is too wide for the available content area, and on blogs that is typically narrow. In some themes there is a full-width page template that can be used, but not all of them will take up the entire width of the available area (twenty ten and twenty eleven have very generous left and right margins).

    Scribd takes car of that width issue though and provides controls for zooming in and out and scrolling left and right and up and down.

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