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    I want to add a button at the top of my blog to link to an rss feed. you know those red ones?

    How do I go about that?



    Please tell me how to add an RSS feed to the blog below. I followed the instructions above and also tried using the widget. The feed is broken. This happened before with other client blogs…and someone fixed it. Now it is happening again. Please tell me how I can fix it…so I can be empowered to fix future RSS feeds on my own. THANK YOU!

    here is the URL for my client’s blog: the

    Jaculynn Peterson



    That blog is protected so we can’t look at it. But if you are using the standard feed (ie, and the blog is set to private, the feed will NOT work. Private blogs do not have RSS feeds.



    Hi Vivian,
    Thanks for your reply. :) I opened up the blog so you can see it. There’s a widget at the top and at the bottom for RSS – both are still non-functioning. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! MANY THANKS!


    The code in the bottom text widget is incomplete. Since the blog was set to private, it may take an hour or two before the feed shows up. You might try making a test post to see if it will cause it to start working.



    Tried the test post and made the ottom text widget complete. So now I guess I wait to see if either/ or will show up…THANKS FOR YOUR HELP AGAIN Sacred Path…I feel like a big RSS pain-in-the-butt these days…I keep searching, and if you all learn a new tip, please share. THNKS!



    /Feed just showed up…what a great suggestion! Thanks sacred path for your wisdom. And thanks Vivian for your creative solutions too! You guys rock!


    You’re welcome as always. Happy blogging.



    Sorry for sounding confused, but if that blog is returned to Private, doesn’t the RSS feed go away again?



    Yes, it does.

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