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    I’ve checked the posting on RSS Feeds and haven’t found what I’m looking for yet so here’s my question – Can I add an RSS feed into a seperate page? Say I created a book page and wanted to add an rss feed in the page. Or I created an entertainment page and wanted to add yahoo’s entertainment feed into it. How would I go about adding it in – or can I? I’m just looking to keep my sidebar as uncluttered as possible. LoL I guess I’m a neat freak even on my blog…



    Go to the FAQ and also check the recent forum pages and you will find enough written on RSS feeds there to choke an elephant {she said with a grin}. If you configure your RSS widget by using your URL followed by a forward slash /and the page name and another forward slash/ and feed/ you can do it.However doing this is very limiting and most folks won’t choose to do it. If you read the info this will be explained to you. :)



    Seperate page? No. You probably could with either a plugin but not with the setup that we have here. (Remember, we’re running a different code base than the standard WordPress.)

    Some themes have a Page template that you can use as well to pull in an RSS feed but I have yet to see any of those here.

    Only thing you can do with an RSS feed is drop it into a sidebar currently.

    Hope this helps,



    I figured as much, but thought I’d take a shot and see if there was a way. Thanks for the fast reply guys :)

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