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    Hi I have tried to do this following the info under FAQ but it doesnt seem to work.
    I would like to add an existing WordPress user to co-edit (yes, I understand the implications and am happy with doing this) and would like individual contributors/authors to be recognised by their own name rather in the heading of the piece they add rather than just with the main blog name.
    Under Authors & Users I typed in just the email address to invite them but was told that the ‘address does not belong to anyone here’ and would I like to invite them to join. I then filled in the form to invite them to join WordPress (although they are already signed up). The invite email arrived in the Inbox and was clicked on but it just invited them to open a domain, but I am not sure what to do next. My site name does not appear on their homepage and they do not appear in my User list. What am I doing wrong. I am likely to want to add more contributors in the future and want to get this right.

    Thank you


    If you see this post, Timethief outlines your options for you very well.


    Thank you. Is there a link missing? Timethief has been helpful before!



    The invite email arrived in the Inbox and was clicked on but it just invited them to open a domain, but I am not sure what to do next.

    Your invitees need to look more closely at the register at options. There are two and one does not require that they take a blog. It’s a “username” only option.
    HTH :)


    Thank you sacred path. Regarding Timethief’s post, I am using Mistylook which gives me name display option – I prefer this idea to suggestions 2 & 3.
    Timethief. The user involved has already registered a blog but this could be deleted as will not now be used. Can I add someone who has an active blog or do they need to be username only? How can we get back to click the username only option?
    Thanks for your help!



    I do not recommend that the blog be deleted. It’s always good to have a test blog and there are other considerations too. Please see this thread

    Can I add someone who has an active blog or do they need to be username only?

    In the case of a blogger who is already registered at you simply use their email address to invite them. It’s unique email addresses that is key here. Whichever email address we register with must be the one that is used.

    How can we get back to click the username only option?
    I’m not sure what you mean by this. Provided we have linked our username to our blog this exists. If this has not been done then here’s how to do that

    However, if this is not what you mean then please post again.


    I was just meaning that the new user clicked the open a blog rather than username only option. It sounds as if it doesnt matter – and it is a good idea to have a spare ‘test’ blog!

    I changed the email address – and was sent a notification to click – which permanently changed the details under Options/General but not under Users/Your profile. The invite email came from the original address. I have tried to change the Options/General back but am still waiting for the notification email.

    I did invite the new person to post by sending to their email address but firstly it didnt recognise that address and then wanted them to sign up for a blog (no username only option), which they already have.

    This all feels a bit of a mess – I’m sorry!



    No apology required :) it sounds like you are on your way now.
    Best wishes :)


    I only wish I was well on my way! I am not being allowed to change my email address back to the original name (as listed under Users/Your profile). When I click update it says I will be sent a message to confirm but this has never arrived – and I have done this several times.

    I still dont seem to be able to add the new person so that they can post. The message at the bottom is still saying a request has been sent but I cant get past the page asking my new person to open a blog.

    Still in a mess…….!



    That’s the wrong place to change your email address. You must change it here first -> Options scroll down to:
    E-mail address: _________________________________
    This address is used only for admin purposes. If you change this we will send you an email at your new address to confirm it. The new address will not become active until confirmed.

    Change the emaill address and click “Update options” and wait for the confirmation email which will be sent to your original email address. This is to prevent anyone from just taking over your blog.



    RATS! We cannot edit these post and I said “original” above when I should have said “new’> The information on the Users -> Your porfile page cannot be changed until the confirmation email has been received for the new email address and you have clicked the “verification” link in the confirmation email.



    P.S. I apologize for the typos in the post above. I can spell. I’m just having a bad day and I was in a hurry when I typed it. :(


    Perhaps I should say a little more in case it helps. I opened the blog so that I and a group of others could post individually. The blog name will probably not be used too post many items. I opened a second blog with my initials so I could recognise my posts (should have just signed up for username only but easy to be wise after). The plan is to ask other contributors to also sign up so they can use their own name.
    My email allows me to choose extra addresses which can all be sent into my Inbox and I have used different ones for both blogs I have signed up for. Effectively I am sending an invite to myself in another name, so the invites come through but when I click it just asks me to sign up again (which I have already done).
    As for the change of address problem, the addresses listed under Options/General and Users/Your Profile are different. I have tried to change the Users one several times but have never received an email asking me to confirm and therefore the site doesnt get updated.
    I’m really not sure what to do.



    The email address under -> Options -> General is “the” email address that has you registered under. It is the key one. Unless or until you change that one then the email address on the Your Profile page cannot be changed.

    Maybe you need staff to sort this out for you


    Sounds as if I need to contact support, then. It cannot be right that both pages state different addresses. Thanks for your invaluable time – timethief.



    You’re welcome but note that I’m grieved that I didn’t do a better job of helping you.
    Best wishes :)



    You will be glad to hear that I have resolved my initial problem and have added a second name to the list of those who can write in the blog. However, I have managed to link a second unnecessary username to the blog. I have read some discussion about Invites in the Forums which I think is where the confusion came – I have invited myself to have a second blog linked to the first rather than just contribute to the site! Is there any way of deleting this name without losing the whole site. Even better, can this new name be transferred so it has an independent blog not linked to my
    Thanks again



    Really sorry. As you can see I managed to change username and forgot when I posted last time.

    I think your link may be of use but I will try it when I am less tired and frustrated! Dont want to make any more mistakes.

    What I really want to do is to keep the new name I have created that is linked to my blog either in its own right or move it to another totally unrelated blog I have with wordpress. I just want to get rid of the frustrating personal drop down in what will be a communal rather than a personal blog.

    Once again, I really appreciate your input.

    … and Mark has offered to sort out my email addresses too. Things are looking up!

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