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    Hi there,
    I have made a wordpress website as a static website with a blog page for a dental practice. I have added what I think are content keywords in my paragraphs of text, i.e. what I offer and where I am, but am not showing up for searches in google – cosmetic dentist in gloucester, etc. I have logged into my webmaster account and it says that no data is available for keywords.

    I want the webpage to be as SEO as possible for my target area. Should I transfer this over to Would I be able to keep my custom domain which I upgraded to? as this is perfect for my site?

    The blog I need help with is


    Has anyone got any ideas if I can do this on or do I need to change to



    WordPress.COM generally has better SEO than WordPress.ORG, which makes keyword plugins etc irrelevant, but you can’t use Google Analytics here.


    Member has pretty good built-in SEO, with path names reflecting titles etc. You cannot augment this with keywords, if you wanted to add meta keywords then you would need to go to .org. also has the built in stats, and you can use analytics that work without Javascript, see timethief’s article and the follow-up articles for examples.

    If you do switch to .org you can keep the custom domain, though you have to set up the .org site in a certain way for all previous links and search engine references to work still.



    Is that why when I go to my google webmasters account it says no data available for content keywords? I thought that they were made up by the text I had written so should have some things in the list?

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