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    Perhaps many of you here can petition the wordpress staff to make changes to the slideshow feature and add options, as there are currently no options available.

    -Size of the slideshow cannot be increased, which should be essential. The default is way too small.
    -Navigation buttons (back, play/stop, forward) appear ON the pictures rather than below them or to the side of them, and it makes no sense, it’s distracting, invasive, and ugly.
    -Speed of slideshow cannot be adjusted.

    Maybe if enough people write to WP they will make these basic changes that would drastically improve the slideshow feature, because as is, it’s pretty useless, though it could be a great feature.



    Slideshow dimensions depend on what theme you use and so apparently does the positioning of the buttons, but I agree that offering more options is always better.



    It would also be great to be able to exclude images that are attached to a page from appearing in slideshows. You can exclude images from galleries using shortcode, but not from slideshows. Since some featured images (like custom headers) will be attached to a page even though you don’t want them to show up in a slideshow, this would be great.


    I whole heartedly agree with all above suggestions. +1

    I love how it is so easy to get a slideshow but I hate how I can’t control it in any way.

    Why not have [slideshow delay=15] or something!?

    This feature is two years old; I’m amazed the obvious options haven’t been added already, especially being able to *slow*it*down*

    Yours Hopefully, Kerry



    I’m running into the same issue regarding the separation of slideshows from other images that appear on the page. I’m surprised wordpress hasn’t figured out a solution to give users more options and flexibility when it comes to displaying photos on the page. Very frustrating.



    @braustin21-one workaround is to only upload the images you want to appear in the slideshow to the post/page where they will appear and the other images you will need to insert by URL.

    See here:



    Couldn’t agree more. Not only is the “canned” slideshow weak but I have yet to find a way to add a slideshow from Lightroom or any other photo program. It would be nice to be able to add music as well.

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