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    Hello. I have 65 entries in my blog on added to category “A”. And now I want to add all these entries to one another category – “B”, for expample. Please tell me, can I do it without entering and editing every 65 post separately? It’s awful if I need do it for every post. Thanks a lot.



    Yes you have to edit every one individually.

    And consider linking your user name to your blog as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forums. That will make it easier on forum volunteers to help you.



    vivianpaige, thank you very much for answer. Tt’s a pity that there is no easier way to do it :(


    You mean to B in addition to A or instead of A? In the second case it can be done automatically, by making B your default category and then deleting A.



    panaghiotisadam, thank you for your post. Exactly, I need to link posts to category B in addition to A.



    It’s easier to edit posts one by one thanks to new version of interface :)


    You can now bulk edit posts. Go to the edit post page. From the “view all categories” pulldown at the top of the list, select the “A” category and click “filter.” Then, click on the checkbox in the blue bar at the top of the list to select all the posts. Then, from the “bulk actions” pulldown on the left end, select “edit” and click “apply.” In the center pane that shows when the page refreshes, you can add new categories to all the post.

    Since my test blog has only a few posts on it, I cannot be sure if it will select, and add the new category to the posts that are not showing on the first page. You will have to check that for yourself to see by clicking on the page buttons at the bottom of the list to make sure. If it only applied the changes to the posts listed on that page, simply repeat for the other pages of posts.


    The new wordpress support area has an entry on bulk editing here:


    One other word: You cannot bulk “remove” categories using the stuff above, but you can from the edit post page use the “quick edit” function to be able to more quickly remove tags or categories from a group of posts. It’s faster than opening each post in the main editor and less of a pain.


    Here is a link to the entry on quick editing from the support site:

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