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Adding "share on digg, facebook, etc." links to bottom of posts

  1. Is there a way in the CSS to add buttons at the bottom of posts so that users can share on digg, facebook, and/or other sites like these?

  2. Not through CSS, which affects style, not function. But it's simple to do manually for each post:

  3. I guess that's not too much of a hassle, but there's really no other way to do it?

  4. Automatically? Not unless you self-host your blog and use a plug in. It takes only a few seconds to do it manually, as outlined in that thread.

  5. On second thought, Feedburner might be automatic now.

  6. Actually, you can use a bookmarklet or a greasemonkey script to make it more "automatic".
    Have a look here: (secion: Do-It-Yourself Social Bookmarking Links)

  7. Thanks for the ideas. Ironically, the only service I REALLY need is the ability to "share" on, which none of these solutions seem to have. Any other ideas?

  8. the only service I REALLY need is the ability to "share" on

    if you need to have ONLY the "Share on Facebook" option then the following tutorial will help you get it done. i have created a bookmarklet to fulfil the "Facebook-only" requirement of interested bloggers.

    How to offer a “Share on Facebook” option under ( blog posts

    the post also includes another solution other that the bookmarklet.
    enjoy! :D

  9. On second thought, Feedburner might be automatic now.
    see reference

    yes feedburner offers many feedflares that automate the sharing of blog posts and feeds. however, the sharing links for posts are not compatible for wordpress.COM blogs. you have to copy the sharing url's from the feed of a relevent post and paste them manually under your post.

  10. you're great guys, thanks for the thread!

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