Adding Shoutbox (give me A LINK!)

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    I want to add a Shoutbox to my blog!

    This topic is discussed about 4-5 times. DON’T give me forum links with results and posts!! Just give me a link to download a shoutbox!

    And then tell me HOW to install this shoutbox! I’m a noob!



    I could suggest you send a feedback with a link back to this thread to staff. However, it’s likely that they may send you back here to use the forum search box and to discover that you have a meebo widget. That is the only form of a shoutbox that can be used on our blogs here at
    (1) First you must register with meebo. I got the url off the net for you
    (2) Then you must go to -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets and simply drag the meebo widget out of the “available widgets” box and drop it into the “sidebar” box and click “save changes”.

    Email and forum posts are a difficult media to use. They are restrictive and cold means of communicating because we cannot see one another’s body language or facial expressions and because when we try to explain things clearly we sound either very short and terse or very stilted and formal. And not being able to see each other’s body language and facial expressions can lead us to imagine all kinds of things about each other that simply aren’t true and cause us to shout out rude things at each other that are uncalled for.

    I’m sorry that you feel frustrated. I know all about frutartion. Seven months ago I was a “noob” too and in fact I’ve only owned a computer for just less than 4 years. drmike our forum Moderator taught me how to rely on the resources in the following thread to learn how to use technology and I want to encourage you to use them too, okay?
    Happy blogging!



    My rule of thumb is I have to answer at least one question for everyone I ask on this forum. I’m by no means an expert, but I figure if I can answer the easy ones, maybe that frees up the experts who have been around longer to answer the harder ones.



    Bless you ~ that’s the spirit! :)



    I’m glad you both have the patience. If this person is aware there are 3 or 4 threads on the subject already, I would assume they’re aware of what those threads say, which is that Shoutbox cannot be installed on a WordPress blog.



    3 or 4? Try at least a dozen. :)

    It’s moot anyway though. The poster is a link spammer who’s creating contect directed back to their site located elsewhere. Much like that Garden site we has last week.

    Oh Mark…

    edit: And really needs to learn some manners as well.

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