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    I want to add an image next to posts, I can do it with a widget, I just add some html code in the text field, the image will show in the side bar on my homepage of my blog, but a lot of my blog visitors get to me by a search and they arrive at a post, not the main home page, now on the posts our side bar image isnt shown, thats only seen on our home page, I want my visitors to be able to see an image in a side bar on the posts, not just the home page, a lot of my visitors may not go to the blogs home page, they may follow a tag and not go to the HP at all, this is no good for directing them to a side bar image, what can I do, posts are empty apart from the post, I need to let them see an image in the side bar, what can I do?



    Can you give me a link to our blog, so we can help you? Thanks.



    blogs home page
    you can see the banner I put in the side bar.

    single post story
    see, no side bar banner, the banner is only on the home page.



    That the theme you are using. It doesn’t show the sidebar on the post pages. If you need the sidebar to show everywhere, you are going to have to pick another theme.

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