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Adding sign-up box?

  1. Can I add a sign-up box for subscribers to my blog with the CSS upgrade? Or is that not offered at - should I get a paid blog at

  2. Do you mean sign up to read? Sign up to the RSS feed? Sign up to get email updates? You need to be more specific before we can answer you.

  3. Sign up to get email updates. Is that possible? Can it be done with a WP widget or a plug-in? Would love to import an already existing subscribers group from blogger/googlegroups. Got a HowTo for that?


  4. We don't use plug-ins at Your username is not linked to a blog, however, so I'm not at all sure you're even in the right forum. Please link your username to the blog you have, if any.

    For blogs, there is no email update function per se. Here is the workaround:

  5. am trying to run my own WP blog from, however I have recently created a blog per your request. Will look over the work around you've left. Thank you for your help. rs

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