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    How to I add blank lines? I’ve tried pressing enter/return but when I publish the post all my blank lines disappear! I want to use blank lines to separate my paragraphs and to make my pictures line up with what I’m writing.


    The blog I need help with is


    a) Your paragraphs are separated. You mean separate them by more than one blank line?
    b) Extra blank lines isn’t the way to arrange images in relation to text (the result will vary from browser to browser). Please link to a problem post of yours and explain how you’d like it to be.



    My paragraphs sometimes have spaces between them and sometimes don’t and I can’t seem to control when they appear. For example, this post: Once you get past the pictures separating the first few paragraphs, the paragraphs at the end of the post are all bunched together.

    I’m currently working on a post in which I’d like the pictures to align with the writing but I haven’t published it yet so I’ll ask about that later.


    At the end of that post you’ve got line breaks, not paragraph breaks. Normally a) in the HTML editor pressing return once creates a line break and pressing it twice creates a paragraph break, b) in the Visual editor pressing shift-return creates a line break and pressing return creates a paragraph break: just make sure the Format tool (second row, first button) is set to Paragraph.



    Thank you so much!


    You’re welcome. On to the image issue now!



    I just posted an article with pictures in it and they’re all messed up. Here it is: I tried to alternate which side of the article each picture was on. As in, the first picture should be to the right of the words and the second picture should be to the left of the words. How do I do this?




    Hello there,
    Does this help?
    support documentation
    search term “image alignment”
    search results >


    I’m afraid you’ll have to delete everything and redo the post.

    a) After you insert a captioned image, you must make sure the cursor is outside the caption before doing anything else or the captioned images will get messed up.

    b) Apart from this, the arrangement you’re looking for is impossible to create in the Visual editor: you need an HTML table.

    Switch the editor to HTML and insert the images (pressing return twice after inserting each one). Then paste this (adding as many code lines as you need):

    <table style="width:100%;">
    <tr><td>TEXT1 HERE</td><td>IMAGE1 CODE HERE</td></tr>
    <tr><td>IMAGE2 CODE HERE</td><td>TEXT2 HERE</td></tr>
    <tr><td>TEXT3 HERE</td><td>IMAGE3 CODE HERE</td></tr>
    <tr><td>IMAGE4 CODE HERE</td><td>TEXT4 HERE</td></tr>

    Cut and paste the image codes where I’m showing, add the texts where I’m showing.

    The final result can be refined if necessary.



    Thanks to both of your for responding! I couldn’t quite get the table to work so I elected to go with an simpler setup.

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