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adding statcounter to the blog

  1. I am looking to add Statcounter to my blog but I do not see the widget to add it. it is a javascript code. I tried to just add it as a text link but my blog messed up when I did it. it could be because of the theme templete that I am using as the other widgets I tried to use it did the same thing. I have some other wordpress blogs and blogger blogs and adding this is not a problem. any suggestions.

  2. You can't add javascript. If you could show the Text-link you were posting, we may be able to help you.

  3. why not just use the blogstats..

    should be available to in widgets =)

  4. cause i want it more detailed, like, where i can see how long somebody has been on my blog.

    id like to see times..

  5. To use statcounter or one of the others here, you have to use the "HTML" versions, not the javascript version, and you will not get that information with the HTML versions. Javascript is not allowed here due to security concerns.

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