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Adding sub-menus in Twenty-Ten?


    First off, I don't know code/html, so any help that you might give me should hopefully avoid those suggestions. I have finally figured out how to add the menu items to my site, and use primarily pages for my layout. What I'd like to do is to create a sub-menu.
    If you go to "motorcycle trips" and then drop down to "West coast", I'd like to create a sub menu titled "WCRM" that I can then nest the WCRM pages under. Is this possible with this theme?
    I have done a number of searches on this subject, but none of them go quite this far.
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  2. Have you tried creating a page called WCRM and making all the other WCRM pages use that as a parent?

  3. Beautiful! Thank you, that works splendidly. I kept thinking that the menus had to be nested, but never considered nesting the pages.

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