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Adding Subcategory on Hosted

  1. How do you add a subcategory on a hosted blog from the default write screen?

  2. I don't think you can. You have to add it as a main category and then edit it under Manage->Categories.

  3. Not from the write Post screen. After you pushlish, just switch over to Manage -> categories and change it.

  4. I think I've noticed that if you put in a category that:

    * already exists as a parent - marks it as categorized
    * already exists as a child - changes the child to a parent and then marks it categorized.
    * doesn't exist - marks it as a parent and categorized

    Is that right? If so, means we can't just copy the categories in on one line, but have to manually check off each child category.

  5. Wait, why are you adding categories that already exist?

  6. I type faster than I click with a mouse. And sometimes I have a list of tags that I want to use as categories, and I can just copy/paste.

  7. Additional note (can't edit the above):

    If the categories already exist, then I don't have to create them. If they don't, they are created (and I manage the new categories afterwards).

    Drawback of this method is if there is already a child category, that child is "promoted" to a parent.

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