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    I have 2 blogs here at wordpress. I have also mapped my domain name to and things are working fine.
    Now I have 2 questions(I tried going thru a few threads and Faqs but found it a bit confusing)- I feel stupid asking this, but what the heck..:

    1) I have been trying to set-up my mail with with new google application (see and I have done everything like pointing my DNS CNAME like to (need to point to this subdomain) for the mail to work but with no success…I have tried doing everything possible, but this just does not seem to be working.

    2) Now for my second blog at wordpress ( ), I want to use pointed to . Is it possible. and if possible do I need to purchase more credits to do this ???




    We need to know the actual domains in question please. Are we talking about

    If that is the domain, not sure how you set up a MX on wordpress’s nameservers because we don’t have access to them. That’s where you would have to do it. Ditto on the subdomains as these would have to be set on the nameservers as well. As i understand it, a wildcard point all subdomains to the blog with the domain.

    You may want to reread the thread that the domain upgrade page points you to as I know both these topics are covered in there.

    Hope this helps,

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