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    Help would be very much appreciated in the following (urgent) matter: I do volunteer work with people needing long-term hospitalisation after accidents/injuries/illnesses. We give language and basic computer literacy classes. One of the patients would like to start blogging and has created quite a lot of digital art, which I’ll be uploading onto his blog. Some of the files are in .swf format and I have tried many times to upload the files with the correct code, but they don’t appear AT ALL. There is going to be an exhibition of his work soon, and he would like very much to draw attention to his digital art and site at the same time. This organisation relies entirely on volunteers, and no other current volunteers have advanced IT skills, but we would really like to help this man. Thanks a lot for your time!



    Embedding files is not permitted for security reasons – they could harm us as well as other users.

    Your files will be okay, but others would seek to damage so for that reason we do not allow, sorry.



    You can, I believe upload swf files to YouTube and post the YouTube videos. That’s pretty easy. Note that these instructions apply only to blogs hosted by, not to independently-hosted blogs using WordPress software:



    Thank you for your responses, I’ll try youtube. Wish me luck :-)

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