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Adding tagline to title

  1. Does anyone know if and how to add a tagline to the blog title, if that option is not default in the theme.
    Another option would be to start a new paragraph within the title. But I have no ideas how to do that, either. I tried to write tags into the title itself, but the sheet does not recognize it and displays the tags in the title.

  2. go to dashboard, select options. look a little below, should be able to see it.

    for your second question, i don't know what you're trying to ask...

  3. Thanks,
    but my problem is not how to type in the tagline into the tagline box:
    Its just that certain theme layouts do not display the tagline (they display only the title) and I was wondering if there is a way to work around it.

  4. oh, that is theme-dependent, meaning that's nothing much you can do about that. maybe css can solve that problem, but you need to purchase css and know how to use css to do that. just choose a theme that shows the tagline.

  5. I purchased the customize css option; and I can use css (if only little). Well, but it seems that its not really possible. So I guess I have to change the theme after all.
    Thanks for your help.

  6. which theme are you using?

    is this your blog: ?

    it's probably not possible, but i'd have to check it out.

  7. @sunburntkamel
    FWIW the Misty Look theme does not provide for a tagline. I inserted my subtitles in the title line.

  8. For a theme that allows a custom header and does not display the tagline, one might make the tagline part of the header image. It would be an irksome workaround, but...

  9. Thanks. good idea.

  10. they must have just added it back, or something. i see it on your blog, my blog, and the OP's blog.

  11. I'm looking for a fluid-width theme (e.g. WordPress Classic, Rubric, Silver is the New Black...) *but* with a tagline. I don't mind paying the extra to customise the CSS myself, if only someone can tell me *how* to customise it! The only fluid-width theme with a tagline seems to be Sandbox, but I can't tell from that one what changes I need to make.

    Any thoughts?

  12. barbadosunderground1

    I am using cutline and love it and would love to insert a tagline. Based on what I am reading I may have to switch out : - (

  13. (1) You're correct saying that Cutline does not have a tagline.
    (2) The url for your blog does not contain "www" the url is
    This may not seem important to you but some people and some search engines will not find your blog if you keep including the "www" that should not be there.

  14. barbadosunderground1

    Thanks for the reponse but I am loss about the www bit. Can you elaborate please...101?

  15. barbadosunderground1

    Ok..I gotcha!

  16. bendedknees: for all bloggers, the url is like this: we do not have the www bit in our url. so if you insert it in your url it may make searching for your blog difficult as that is the incorrect url. i guess the www makes a lot of a difference. =)

  17. @bendedkees

    Ok..I gotcha!

    Good :)

  18. I am using the "Current Theme" and was having the same problem with not being able to add a tagline. Then I noticed that there is a Widget that is called Text 1 (Widgets are under Presentation in My Dashboard). I dragged it to the top of the Widget column and wrote my tagline there. It displays directly under the Custom Image Header. Worked for me. Hope this helps.

  19. @karenlis753
    Do you have a blog? Or is it possible that you are referring to a theme? I'm asking because I do not see a "Current Theme" theme listed here ->Presentation -> Themes.

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